Private & personal Guitar Lessons

Guiding Artistic Musicians

For a limited time, I will be taking on a limited number of new students who wish to study the guitar. Our goals will be to get you playing better solos while learning more effective chord choices. If you choose, we can also study music theory to facilitate your own compositional ideas into your playing style. 

My Background is, I have been practicing, performing, studying, and teaching guitar for over twenty years. I have studied guitar technique as well as music theory, and piano. I have learned many styles and have a great deal to offer in improvisational skills and various chord-melody approaches. I teach both electric and acoustic styles of guitar to all ages. I have been formally trained in University and undergone many years of private study.

Because there is no substitute for playing with other musicians, as a student of mine, you will gain exclusive access to the student only periodic “Jam sessions” which take place at Pinetop Recording Studio. 

How can you study anything without proper motivation and inspiration? It is this reason alone that I will invite masterful musicians to have periodic master classes offered to students only. 

I teach various styles of guitar but not limited to:

  • Rock guitar and soloing
  • Blues guitar and soloing
  • jazz and chord theory and soloing
  • Improvisational Rock/Blues/Jazz

My approach to lessons is to teach what you want to learn while explaining the concepts behind it, this way you will develop your own style and personal voice on the guitar. If you know specifically what you would like to study, we can work together to get you up and running in a very short amount of time.

My lessons are offered either on-premises at my studio, or online via video conferencing Skype, FaceTime, or Google Hangouts.

Thank you for your interest and please fill out the form to sign up for lessons from Jeremiah Williams.

Heres a free lesson about modes.

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