About Jeremiah’s Music

Jeremiah Williams performs live music around the country on guitar as the accompaniment for his Bel Canto vocal style. As a soloist, he performs many parts simultaneously with a looper pedal and is called “Acoustic Bliss”. In a duo, trio, quartet, or full band, he specializes in making the ordinary extraordinary by incorporating years of studying rock, blues, jazz, country, and other genres. His Cover band is called “Ricochet”.

Jeremiah’s improvisational based approach to arrangement, melody, and harmony is unique and no  audience will hear a song played the same way.

Whether it’s a wedding, bar, or corporate event, fans will be enamored with the song selection and one-of-a-kind approach to his own contemporary acoustic/electric guitar style.

Awarded a Bachelor’s degree with a Major in commercial music while minoring in jazz studies, he earned the right to be called one of the “Poconos ten most up-and-coming guitarists”. Jeremiah studied under many great guitar teachers including Nate Radley, and many more. He continues to dig deeper into the limitless palette of sounds on the guitar.

Jeremiah is pursuing a Masters degree in music composition.

Jeremiah has been named a virtuoso by many popular news sources. His style of singing is “Bel Canto” and has been training his voice to be natural, silky and smooth. Jeremiah’s combination of experience, musicality, natural ability, and stage presence puts him in a class shared only by few.

If you are looking to watch Jeremiah perform, hire him or even learn about guitar, or music theory, please enjoy this website.




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